Gioia means "joy" in Italian. Yoga is a wellness based practice. Result: more joy

Gioia Yoga

Gioia Yoga is a process of your personal health refinement, beginning anywhere you are.
Your health and happiness rely on how you feel. When you feel good - life is good - but when you don't feel well, not much else matters. Gaining wellness tools like building a yoga practice, learning breathing techniques and creating a personal form of meditation to calm your mind are all beneficial to have in your health toolbox.
Start with subtle changes anywhere you are now that become lifelong habits.

Why Yoga

Many people say to me "I can't do yoga because I'm not flexible". But that's exactly why yoga is so benefical- you don't have to be "flexible". 
There is no need to compare to anyone else's body- learn how to refine your own personal health habits and how your body works, beginning anywhere you are.




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About Kara and Gioia Yoga


Gioia means "joy" in Italian- pronounced (joy-uh). Gioia Yoga was created for two reasons~  to teach computer users the value of breathing and stretching with yoga at the office~  to share Kara's love of her own yoga and meditation practice with others in a way that makes sense to mainstream audiences.

"I am a self-proclaimed anatomy geek and love sharing knowledge about the body with others. I've noticed how much people like to talk about their own health with me once they find out what I do for work. So, I try to create an environment where people feel comfortable to ask questions and share personal stories with me". 

"I find great joy in my work helping others feel better and teaching them about how to take better care of themselves through yoga, meditation, common sense nutrition and their (body mechanics) posture".

"After over a decade of seeing clients for healing bodywork in my body therapy sessions- I've seen just about everything when it comes to poor posture and body awareness. My job and mission is to teach my students and clients how to be more in their bodies and less in their heads while making it a joyful experience".  READ MORE


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